The Alleghany County Board of Commissioners met on June 21, 2004, at 7:25pm in the Conference Room of the County Office Building, 90 South Main Street, Sparta, NC.  The purpose of this special meeting is to discuss the proposed FY 2004/2005 budget.


            Present:  Chair Eldon Edwards, Vice-Chair Warren Taylor, Commissioner Graylen Blevins, Commissioner Sandy Carter Herndon, Commissioner Patrick Woodie, County Manager Don Adams and Clerk to the Board Karen Evans.


Chair Eldon Edwards opened the meeting at 7:25pm.


Commissioner Warren Taylor and County Manager Don Adams discussed the solid waste fee schedule for FY 2004/2005.


Commissioner Sandy Carter Herndon made a motion to approve the 2004/2005 Budget Ordinance as presented by the County Manager during the public hearing.  Commissioner Warren Taylor seconded the motion.


Commissioner Patrick Woodie stated that he wanted to say thank you to the other Commissioners for working together during the budget process. 


Chair Eldon Edwards stated that he agreed with Commissioner Woodie and wanted to add his appreciation to Don Adams, Karen Evans and all of the departments for their work during the budget process.


Commissioner Warren Taylor stated that the County Manager should be praised for work that he performed on the budget making it easier for the Board to review the budget.


Commissioner Patrick Woodie stated that he agrees about the work and effort put forth by Don Adams, Karen Evans and the Finance Office.  He further stated that their efforts have made the Commissioners’ task easier.


Chair Eldon Edwards talked about how each budget year gets easier in terms of the work load but harder in terms of the amount of money available.


The Board voted on the motion on the floor.  Vote 5:0.


Chair Eldon Edwards stated that he appreciates everyone’s cooperation working on the budget.


Commissioner Sandy Carter Herndon and Chair Eldon Edwards talked about how fortunate the Board is that everyone works together as well as they do. 


Commissioner Graylen Blevins stated that everyone’s wants wasn’t meet during this budget but the Board tried to meet the needs.


Commissioner Warren Taylor made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:30pm.  Commissioner Patrick Woodie seconded the motion.  Vote 5:0.


Respectfully submitted,



Karen Evans

Clerk to the Board





Eldon Edwards



Fiscal Year 2004-2005 Budget Ordinance