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If you have questions about our office or the services provided, you may find the answers here. Click a question to view the answer. If your answer is not found here, feel free to email, call this office at 336-372-7920, or drop by our office at 348 South Main St., Sparta, NC.

How do I find out who owns a piece of property?

  • You can visit our GIS website. There are several ways of looking up property here which include by parcel owner, deed book and page, by address or by parcel number. You can also come by our office.

How do I get a 911 address?

  • You can receive a 911 address if you are in the process of building a structure or moving in a mobile home. The 911 addresses are assigned after a driveway is put in and footers have been dug. No 911 addresses are assigned to vacant pieces of property.

How do I get my road named?

  • Private roads are not named until two or more addressable structures are on the drive. Once this requirement is met a road name petition can be obtained and submitted to our office.

How do combine parcels of land that I own?

  • You may combine parcels of land if the parcels are contiguous and listed in the same property owner’s name. The applications can be obtained from our office or downloaded from our forms page. Complete the form, have signatures notarized and record in the Register of Deeds Office. Once this document is recorded, we will process it in our office.

Why does the acreage that I am being taxed on not match what my legal description calls for?

  • Alleghany County taxes by the calculated acreage. What this means is we generally take off any road frontage that the property has. In some cases our acreage may reflect a larger amount of acreage. This is generally due to a poor property description on the deed. Our maps are for tax purposes only and do not reflect survey quality work.

What are your business hours?

  • We are open Monday through Friday 8:00 to 5:00 except on holidays. We are a small office with a small staff, so, if one of us is absent the office may be closed for lunch or for an emergency. If you are planning a visit and you have to travel to reach us, you may want to call in advance at 336-372-7920.
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