Alleghany County NC Cooperative Extension
County Office Building,
Third Floor
90 South Main Street
Mailing: PO Box 7
Sparta, NC 28675
Phone: 336-372-5597
FAX: 336-372-2279

NC Cooperative Extension



(Position Vacant)
County Extension Director

Amy Lucas
Extension Agent, 4-H and Youth Development
Family AND Consumer Science

Aaron Ray Tompkins
Extension Agent, Agriculture

Brad Edwards
Program Assistant-IPM

Kathy Miller
Administrative Secretary

Michele Hamm
Extension Secretary

Cooperative Extension

North Carolina Cooperative Extension is an educational partnership helping people put research-based knowledge to work to attain economic prosperity, become better stewards of the environment, and enhance their quality of life. Cooperative Extension is an outreach effort of NC State University and NC A&T State University.

Our mission is helping people put knowledge to work! We offer educational opportunities in several major areas: Agricultural sustainability Environmental stewardship Strengthening communities Youth development Nurturing strong, healthy, and safe families. Our services are available to all Alleghany County citizens. We provide information via meetings, workshops, demonstrations, field days, conferences, internet, radio, video, newspaper, newsletters, publications, and by telephone and office visits. Our office hours are Monday-Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.

We look forward to serving you and hope that you will contact one of our staff who can help you in the following areas:

County Extension Director (Position Vacant)
The County Extension Director provides leadership as Department Head for Cooperative Extension. Duties include directing office operations, staff, resource development, budget, planning, marketing, educational programming in leadership, volunteer and community development, public issues education and promoting Extension education programs. The Director is also responsible for maintaining strong working relationships with county government, community leaders, volunteers, clients and various agency partners.

Amy Lucas
Extension Agent, 4-H & Youth Development and
Family & Consumer Science
Amy provides leadership to all Family & Consumer Science programs which are delivered to individuals and families to improve the quality of their lives. She provides educational information in the areas of family development, human environment, health and safety, family resource management, food safety, and nutrition. Amy also serves as a liaison to the Extension and Community Association (ECA) volunteer organization.

Amy provides leadership to 4-H and youth development including collaborating with various community groups and leaders to improve the lives and future of Alleghany County youth. This includes coordinating and managing the volunteer leadership system that serves 4-H Clubs,
providing school enrichment programs, after school programming, conducting various educational opportunities for youth, and promoting life skills development through learning by doing experiences.

Aaron Ray Tompkins
Extension Agent, Agriculture
Aaron Ray provides educational programming in natural resource management, forestry, Christmas trees and pesticide education and leadership to livestock educational programs in Alleghany County.

Kathy Miller
Administrative Secretary
Kathy provides administrative support for Administration, Agriculture, and Community Resource Development Programs.

Michele Hamm
Extension Secretary
Michele provides administrative support for 4-H, Family and Consumer Science, and Community Resource Development Programs.

In addition to the above named staff who serve only Alleghany County, these additional staff also serve Alleghany and neighboring counties. They include:

Brad Edwards
Program Assistant IPM
Brad works with Christmas tree growers in Alleghany, Ashe, and Watauga Counties on implementing on-farm demonstrations relating to best management practices.

In addition, we have several other area staff who are available to help Alleghany County citizens in areas such as: Commercial Horticulture, Tobacco, and Aquaculture. We invite you to contact us, take
advantage of our many educational opportunities and to become active in our programs by volunteering!

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