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Unless otherwise noted, forms are available as PDFs (portable document format), a format that permits download on almost every computer platform (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc.). They require Adobe Reader software. The software is free and computers typically come with it preloaded. Click on the link if you need a copy of Adobe Reader.

Forms are grouped by the departments primarily associated with those forms. If you have questions, contact the appropriate department. Forms open in a new window. Close that window to return to this page.

You can search for a form by scrolling down the page. Or you can use the following links to jump to forms for each specific department:
Building Inspection
Emergency Management
Finance Office
Register of Deeds
Tax Office


Job Application (pdf)

Fair Housing Complaint Procedure (pdf)

Building Inspection

Building Inspection Permit Fees (pdf)

Contractor Application (pdf)

Owner Application (pdf)

Mobile Home Application (pdf)


Road Naming Guide/Form (pdf)

Road Naming Petition (pdf)


2013 General Election Notice (pdf)

Voter Registration/Information Update (pdf)

Emergency Management

Family Disaster Preparedness (web)


Occupancy Tax Form (taxes collected after December 1, 2011) (pdf)

Occupancy Tax Form (taxes collected prior to November 30, 2011) (pdf)

Solid Waste Disposal Fee Schedule (pdf)

Transfer Facility Notice (pdf)

Solid Waste Business Registration (pdf)


Register of Deeds

  • Deed of Trusts
    Effective October 1, 2005, New Mortgage and Deed of Trust Satisfaction laws became effective and created the following changes to the law:
    • Registers no longer will certify that instruments to be recorded have been duly proved or acknowledged, or that the proof or acknowledgment is in due form – instead, registers review instruments for basic requirements and, if they are present, record
    • Deeds of trust and mortgages can be satisfied on the record with a simple instrument prepared and signed by the trustee or secured creditor and acknowledged
    • Borrowers’ attorneys can prepare and record affidavits of satisfaction when secured creditors fail to provide satisfactions
    • Registers’ marginal notes are no longer authorized
  • Please refer to Session Law 2005-123 for current information pertaining to all security instrument cancellation procedures.

  • Notary Forms
    These forms are availble from the Secretary of State at the following Web page.
  • Marriage License Worksheets

Tax Office

Application for Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry Present-Use Value Assessment (pdf)

NC General Statutes pertaining to Present-Use Value Assessment & Taxation (pdf)

Request for Estimate of Deferred Taxes (pdf)

Voluntary Payment of Deferred Taxes Without Requesting Disqualification (pdf)

Request for Voluntary Disqualification from Present-Use Value Classification (pdf)

Homestead Exclusion Information and Applications (pdf)

Tax Certification (pdf)

Property Tax Appeal Form (pdf)

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