RFP DUE DATE AND TIME:  Friday, March 8, 2019 at 1:00 P.M

RFP ISSUANCE DATE: February 18, 2019

CONTACT:  Jim Brown, Alleghany County Recreation Director (336) 372-2942 (

LOCATION:  ALLEGHANY COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS (1375 US Highway 21 North, Sparta, NC 28675)                      

Alleghany County, North Carolina (“County”) is seeking qualified firms to provide concession management services (“Concessions Manager”) for the Alleghany County Fairgrounds (“Fairgrounds”) located at 1375 US Highway 21 North, Sparta, NC 28675.  The Concessions Manager shall manage the concession program at the Fairgrounds.  Concessions shall include food and nonalcoholic beverages. The Fairgrounds is an outdoor entertainment venue which will accommodate approximately 2,000 patrons for events.  Most events held at the Fairgrounds are fund raisers for local non-profit organizations.  Concession management services will consist of furnishing all labor, materials, equipment, supervision and other services necessary to manage and operate the concession stand for County events at the Fairgrounds.  There is one (1) fixed concession stand as well as electrical hook-ups for additional food trucks or carts and additional temporary locations may be added throughout the complex.

Concession management services shall be provided when events, such as performances and festivals, are taking place at the Fairgrounds during the performance season.  The County will also rent the facility which may require concessions. The performance season runs from late April through September, generally on weekends.  Concession services are an integral part of the overall operations of the Fairgrounds and will be a source of revenue for the County.

The County has enhanced its marketing efforts around the Fairgrounds and is unsure at this time of the exact number of events that will be held for the inaugural Performance Season(s).  For the 2019 season the County currently has 6 events scheduled but reserves the right to add additional events.  The events currently scheduled are as follows:

GCVFD Mud sling on April 27, 2019

Blue Ridge Fiber Fest on June 7, 8, & 9, 2019

GCVFD Lawnmower Race on July 6, 2019

SAVFD Fiddler’s Convention on July 19 & 20, 2019

Alleghany County Fairgrounds 21 Road Market on July 26, 27, & 28, 2019

SAVFD Demolition Derby on August 3, 2019

Fairgrounds patrons may bring their own food and non-alcoholic beverages into the Fairgrounds.  The Concession Manager will be responsible for acquiring the required food service permits for the facility. 

The Concessions Manager must demonstrate experience in food and beverage operations, concessions management, specialty concessions and customer service.  Concessions must be available for purchase by event attendees no later than 30 minutes prior to the posted event start time until 11:00 pm or the end of the event, whichever comes first.

Concessions Manager will compensate the County the greater of 10% (ten per cent) of gross sales or $2,000.00 (two thousand dollars) for the season.   Compensation to be paid no later than 45 days after the final event of the Season.  Concessions Manager must provide documentation to verify amount paid to County.

Proposals must include a copy of the vendor’s liability insurance policy and three (3) professional references.

The County reserves the right to accept or reject any and/or all proposals, to waive irregularities and technicalities, and to request resubmission.  Any sole response that is received may or may not be rejected by the County depending on available competition and timely needs of the County.  There is no obligation on the part of the County to award the contract to the lowest proposer and the County reserves the right to award the contract to the responsible proposers submitting responsive proposals with resulting agreements most advantageous and in the best interest of the County.  The County shall be the sole judge of the proposals and the resulting agreements that are in its best interest and its decision shall be final.  Also, the County reserves the right to make such investigation as it deems necessary to determine the ability of any proposer to perform the work or service requested.  Information the County deems necessary to make this determination shall be provided by the proposer.  Such information may include, but shall not be limited to, current financial statements by an independent CPA; verification of availability of personnel; and past performance records.   This RFP does not obligate the County to select, procure or contract for any services whatsoever.

Request for Bids — Roof Replacement

Alleghany County is accepting bids on a Flat roof at the BDC/WCC/Library building, located at, 115 Atwood St. Sparta, NC 28675.  Bids will be opened on 2/28/2019 at 2 PM, at the Administration Building located at, 348 S. Main St. Sparta, NC 28675.  Within this bid sheet you will find the scope of work Alleghany County is requiring.


  • Remove and dispose of the existing roof membrane, curb flashings and penetration flashings to the surface of the existing roof insulation.
  • Inspect the existing roof insulation for areas of wet or damaged insulation. Price shall include a per square foot charge for any insulation needing to be replaced.
  • Remove and dispose of existing sheet metal fascia at the perimeter. The existing gutter and downspout shall remain.
  • Alleghany County will provide Dumpster, hauling of dumpster, Landfill Fees, Electricity, and Water.

Contractor to Furnish and Install:

  • New .060 TPO membrane mechanically attached over the existing insulation per roof system manufacturers published specifications.
  • TPO membrane flashing up and over existing parapet walls.
  • TPO membrane flashing at all roof penetrations.
  • Custom fabricate and install new 24 gauge prefinished Steel fascia at all areas where existing was removed. Color to be selected from the metal manufacturers standard color chart.
  • Provide roof system manufacturers Twenty year (20) Total System Roof Warranty.
  • Provide Contractor Two (2) Year Workmanship Guaranty.


Tear off, new roof, curb flashing, penetration flashing Cost: _________________

Price per square foot of replacing wet/damaged insulation Cost: _____________

Request for Bids — Roof Repairs

Alleghany County will be accepting bids for a roofing project located at the Business Development Center, 115 Atwood St. Sparta, NC 28675.  All specs of the Uniflex Elastomeric Fluid are to meet Sherwin Williams’s guidelines to obtain a 10 year warranty on said product.  With addition, Alleghany County requires there be a 15’x330’ section at back of building, applied with SILICONE 44 at the correct MILS required by Sherwin Williams for additional protection.  (Addition), all metal flashing is to be covered with the correct product by Sherwin Williams Specs.  Alleghany County requires that there be a row of one way roof vents installed every 30’ from front to back of building and on 35’ centers from side to side (approx. 20 vents).  Alleghany County will provide, Dumpster and haul off, Landfill Fees, Electricity, water, and building permit.

Alleghany County reserves the right to purchase all materials in specs that are supplied by the Sherwin Williams Company.

Alleghany County will have a sealed bid opening on February 28, 2019 at 1 PM, located at the County Managers Office 348 S. Main St. Sparta, NC 28675.  Bids are to consist of a price on Labor only, and also include the amount of labor warranty provided with service.

(On the next page you will see what product, and approx. quantities have been specified by the Sherwin Williams Company for this project)

All Questions or to see this project Please Call Josh Greene Public Works Director at (336) 372-2010









LIST OF MATERIALS (for biding to be comparable)

Product/Rex #                   Description                                                                         Estimated QTY

KST038620                           Uniflex Bond-it wash primer cleaner                        100 gal

KST20385B                          Uniflex Polyester Fabric 12in.x324 ft                        10 rolls

KST020385                           Uniflex Polyester Fabric 40in.x324 ft                        45 rolls

KST041510                           Uniflex Elastomeric SPE base coat white                900 gal

KST041300                           Uniflex Premium Elastomeric roof coating             725 gal

KST044300                           UF RUB silicone white                                                    75 gal

Request for Bids for HVAC Installation

Alleghany County will be accepting bids for fifteen (15) Gas Packs with A/C at the location of the Business Development Center located at 115 Atwood St. Sparta, NC 28675.  All Gas packs are roof top units, which will require a Crane Service, and the contractor who wins the bid will be required to remove all CFC’s from the old units in reference to State Laws.  Alleghany County will be responsible for the disposal of the old units once the contractor has removed them from the roof, and the CFC’s are removed.  The job shall be complete by no later than 4/30/2019.   Alleghany County will hold a sealed bid opening at the County manager’s office located at 348 S. Main St. Sparta, NC 28675 on February 15, 2019 at 2PM.

The units to be replaced are as follows:

·         2 (two)  3 Ton Gas Pack With A/C only

·         5 (five)  10 Ton Gas Pack With A/C only

·         8 (eight) 5 Ton Gas Pack With A/C only

Any questions, need to be referenced by phone to Josh Greene Public Works Director at (336)372-2010.

Alleghany County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council Request for Proposals

 Alleghany County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council
Request for Proposals
$57,665 20% January 28, 2019
Anticipated County Allocation Required Local Match Rate Date Advertised
The Juvenile Crime Prevention Council (JCPC) has studied the risk factors and needs of Juvenile Court involved youth in this county and hereby publishes this Request for Proposals.  The JCPC anticipates funds from the NC Department. of Public Safety, Division of  Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice, Community Programs section in the amount stated above to fund the program types specified below.  Such programs will serve delinquent and at-risk youth for the state fiscal year 2019-2020 beginning on, or after, July 1, 2019.  The use of these funds in this county requires a local match in the amount specified above.
The JCPC will consider proposals for the following needed programs:
Interpersonal Skills                                                       Tutoring/Academic Enhancement             Parent & Family Skills Restitution/Community Service
Substance Abuse Treatment
Proposed program services should target the following risk factors for delinquency or repeat delinquency:
*School Behavior Problems                                 *Use of Alcohol and Drugs                                                                                                                                                                               *Peer Relationships                                              *Parental Ability/Willingness to Provide Supervision of Youth                                                                                                                                                    *Age of First Delinquent Offense
Programs should address the following concerns as reported in the Needs Assessments for adjudicated youth:
Peer Domain: Peer Relationship
Individual Domain: Substance Use/Abuse                                    Sexual Behaviors                                                                                                                                        Mental Health Needs                                     History of Victimization
Family Domain: Substance Abuse by Family Members           Conflict in the Home- Domestic Violence/Discord                                                                                                                  Parental Supervision                                      Family Criminality
School Domain: School Behavior Problems
Applicants are being sought that are able to address items below:
1.  Program services compatible with research that are shown to be effective with juvenile offenders.
2.  Program services are outcome-based.
3.  The program has an evaluation component.
4.  The program serves youth ages 6-17 years.                                                                                                                                                                                  5. The program has a transportation component.
Local public agencies, 501(c)(3) non-profit corporations and local housing authorities are invited to submit applications to provide services addressing the above elements.  
Becky Craft at 336-903-7217
JCPC Chairperson or Designee Telephone #
In order to apply for FY 2019-2020 JCPC funding, you must complete and submit your application online by accessing NC ALLIES.  Applicants are required to attend an information session on February 12, 2019 at 3:00 pm at Wilkes County Juvenile Justice Conference Room.  All applicants should bring one copy of their application to the JCPC meeting scheduled for March 13, 2019 at 11:30 in the Old County Office Building first floor conference room.  Applicants should be prepared to make a brief presentation of their proposal during the meeting.   Please read and follow all instructions at the following link:,002476,002483,002482,002514     After submitting the application electronically, print and submit hard copies as indicated below.  Private non-profits are also required to submit No Over Due Tax forms, Conflict of Interest Statements, and proof of 501(c)(3) status.                                                                 
NOTE:  For further information, or technical assistance about applying for JCPC funds in this county,
contact, Regina Arrowood,  Area Consultant, at 704-603 6833.
Deadline for Application is: February 28, 2019 by 5:00  P.M.
Mail or deliver Wilkes County Courthouse DJJ Office (Attn: Becky Craft)
applications to: 500 Courthouse Drive, Suite 1071
Wilkesboro, NC 28697
Number of original copies to submit: 1   Telephone: 336-903-7217


Alleghany County and the Alleghany County Tourism Development Authority are requesting proposals from qualified independent auditors to provide FY2017/18 audit services. Request for proposals are available by contacting Karen Evans, Finance Officer, at (336) 372-2826. Proposals must be received by Alleghany County Finance Office, PO Box 366, 348 South Main Street, LL60, in Sparta, NC in a sealed envelope no later than Noon on Wednesday, March 28, 2018.

Now accepting proposals for new maintenance garage

Alleghany County has appropriated funds for a new maintenance garage to be located on the gravel lot across the street from the EMS Office at 37 Cox Street. If you are interested in submitting a proposal on the project, the specs are:

  • Turn key construction of 50×80 metal building with 16 foot ceilings
  • 4” concrete slab with grade beam
  • 2 14’ doors and 1 12’ door
  • 2 exterior walk-in doors
  • Rough ins for bathroom
  • Must meet all applicable county and state building codes

Proposals are due by Friday, July 14, 2017