County Seeking Citizens to Serve on Courthouse Advisory Committee

February 19, 2018

Sparta, NC – Alleghany County today announced the formation of an advisory committee to assist with the upcoming decision about whether or not to expand the county courthouse.

“If we are going to spend several million dollars on a courthouse expansion or a new courthouse, we want to make sure we have explored all possible avenues and scenarios.  It is important to have citizens as part of this committee in addition to county government personnel,” stated Mark Evans, County Commission Chair.  “We want to make sure this decision is made properly and in an organized and informed manner.”

The committee will be comprised of 8 to 10 individuals including 1 or 2 County Commissioners, representatives of other County agencies as well as up to 4 citizen members.  The four potential outcomes to be studied include the proposed expansion presented in November of 2017, renovating a different building, constructing a new courthouse or continuing to utilize current court facilities.

“Any citizen interested in serving on this committee should use the Courthouse comments box on the county website or send a letter (PO Box 366, Sparta, NC 28675) or email ( to my office.  Please write a few sentences detailing why you would like to serve on the committee,” stated Michael James, County Manager.

“We anticipate the committee will meet 1 to 2 times per month over the course of 6 months or so.  In order to accommodate everyone’s schedule, many of these meetings will need to occur during regular business hours.  Please keep this in mind if you are interested in serving on the committee.”

The application period extends from February 20th to March 9th.  At the March 19th County Commission meeting, the Commissioners will appoint the citizen committee members.  The committee is expected to hold its first meeting shortly thereafter.

For More Information Contact:


Michael James

Alleghany County Manager

(336) 372-4179