Request for Bids — Roof Replacement

Alleghany County is accepting bids on a Flat roof at the BDC/WCC/Library building, located at, 115 Atwood St. Sparta, NC 28675.  Bids will be opened on 2/28/2019 at 2 PM, at the Administration Building located at, 348 S. Main St. Sparta, NC 28675.  Within this bid sheet you will find the scope of work Alleghany County is requiring.


  • Remove and dispose of the existing roof membrane, curb flashings and penetration flashings to the surface of the existing roof insulation.
  • Inspect the existing roof insulation for areas of wet or damaged insulation. Price shall include a per square foot charge for any insulation needing to be replaced.
  • Remove and dispose of existing sheet metal fascia at the perimeter. The existing gutter and downspout shall remain.
  • Alleghany County will provide Dumpster, hauling of dumpster, Landfill Fees, Electricity, and Water.

Contractor to Furnish and Install:

  • New .060 TPO membrane mechanically attached over the existing insulation per roof system manufacturers published specifications.
  • TPO membrane flashing up and over existing parapet walls.
  • TPO membrane flashing at all roof penetrations.
  • Custom fabricate and install new 24 gauge prefinished Steel fascia at all areas where existing was removed. Color to be selected from the metal manufacturers standard color chart.
  • Provide roof system manufacturers Twenty year (20) Total System Roof Warranty.
  • Provide Contractor Two (2) Year Workmanship Guaranty.


Tear off, new roof, curb flashing, penetration flashing Cost: _________________

Price per square foot of replacing wet/damaged insulation Cost: _____________