Request for Bids — Roof Repairs

Alleghany County will be accepting bids for a roofing project located at the Business Development Center, 115 Atwood St. Sparta, NC 28675.  All specs of the Uniflex Elastomeric Fluid are to meet Sherwin Williams’s guidelines to obtain a 10 year warranty on said product.  With addition, Alleghany County requires there be a 15’x330’ section at back of building, applied with SILICONE 44 at the correct MILS required by Sherwin Williams for additional protection.  (Addition), all metal flashing is to be covered with the correct product by Sherwin Williams Specs.  Alleghany County requires that there be a row of one way roof vents installed every 30’ from front to back of building and on 35’ centers from side to side (approx. 20 vents).  Alleghany County will provide, Dumpster and haul off, Landfill Fees, Electricity, water, and building permit.

Alleghany County reserves the right to purchase all materials in specs that are supplied by the Sherwin Williams Company.

Alleghany County will have a sealed bid opening on February 28, 2019 at 1 PM, located at the County Managers Office 348 S. Main St. Sparta, NC 28675.  Bids are to consist of a price on Labor only, and also include the amount of labor warranty provided with service.

(On the next page you will see what product, and approx. quantities have been specified by the Sherwin Williams Company for this project)

All Questions or to see this project Please Call Josh Greene Public Works Director at (336) 372-2010









LIST OF MATERIALS (for biding to be comparable)

Product/Rex #                   Description                                                                         Estimated QTY

KST038620                           Uniflex Bond-it wash primer cleaner                        100 gal

KST20385B                          Uniflex Polyester Fabric 12in.x324 ft                        10 rolls

KST020385                           Uniflex Polyester Fabric 40in.x324 ft                        45 rolls

KST041510                           Uniflex Elastomeric SPE base coat white                900 gal

KST041300                           Uniflex Premium Elastomeric roof coating             725 gal

KST044300                           UF RUB silicone white                                                    75 gal