Request for Bids for HVAC Installation

Alleghany County will be accepting bids for fifteen (15) Gas Packs with A/C at the location of the Business Development Center located at 115 Atwood St. Sparta, NC 28675.  All Gas packs are roof top units, which will require a Crane Service, and the contractor who wins the bid will be required to remove all CFC’s from the old units in reference to State Laws.  Alleghany County will be responsible for the disposal of the old units once the contractor has removed them from the roof, and the CFC’s are removed.  The job shall be complete by no later than 4/30/2019.   Alleghany County will hold a sealed bid opening at the County manager’s office located at 348 S. Main St. Sparta, NC 28675 on February 15, 2019 at 2PM.

The units to be replaced are as follows:

·         2 (two)  3 Ton Gas Pack With A/C only

·         5 (five)  10 Ton Gas Pack With A/C only

·         8 (eight) 5 Ton Gas Pack With A/C only

Any questions, need to be referenced by phone to Josh Greene Public Works Director at (336)372-2010.