Alleghany County Spends $36,000 with 33 Local Vendors in May

May 24, 2018 

Sparta, NC – Alleghany County today announced that its “Buying Locally” initiative has resulted in the County Government spending $35,831.10 with 33 local vendors during the month of May.   

“The county staff continue to pursue buying as many goods and services locally as possible,” stated Michael James, County Manager.  “Small businesses are the backbone of any local economy.  We host a Spotlight Business at each Commission meeting and will continue to tell our ‘buying locally’ story.” 

During February the County purchased at least $500.00 of goods and services from 14 different businesses.  The County also utilized the following new vendors:  21 Wireless, Hamm’s Products, Pottery by Jess and Village Emporium.  Some of the major purchases this month included nearly $4,000.00 from the Alleghany News for advertising, $1,1231.00 from Imaging Specialists and $1,650.00 from Tony E Shepherd Electrical for upgraded vendor connections at the Fairgrounds.   

“We are proud of all our local business owners.  There are many wonderful small businesses located right here,” stated Mark Evans, Board Chairman and small business owner. 

The buying locally results by vendor are updated approximately every two weeks on the county website at the following link:

 For More Information Contact:

Michael James

Alleghany County Manager

(336) 372-4179