Alleghany County Awards Audit Contract to Gould-Killian


April 4, 2018

Sparta, NC – The Alleghany County Commissioners announced this week the awarding of the 2018 audit contract to Gould Killian CPA Group, P.A. of Asheville.  Gould Killian will provide the audit for the county government as well as for the Tourism Development Authority

“It was a difficult decision but after 18 years with Martin Starnes & Associates, the County Commissioners have decided to move forward with Gould Killian, from Asheville, as our new audit firm,” stated Michael James, County Manager.  “We appreciate all the assistance that Martin Starnes and its employees have provided to the county over these many years and we wish them the best.”

All North Carolina counties will be paying substantially more for the 2018 audit as the State has imposed additional requirements and testing procedures.  These new requirements have spurred many counties and towns to shop for new services.  The new procedures have also persuaded many audit firms to seek new business.  This market change benefitted the county.  “The last few times we have requested auditing proposals, we have not received any.  Thankfully the market has changed somewhat and more audit firms are aggressively seeking new business.  My office looks forward to working with Gould Killian,” added Karen Evans, Finance Officer.

For More Information Contact:

Michael James

Alleghany County Manager

(336) 372-4179