Alleghany County Buying Locally Initiative Yields 60 Vendors $435,000

December 20, 2017

Sparta, NC – Alleghany County today announced that its “Buying Locally” initiative has resulted in the County Government spending $435,413.52 with 60 local vendors since mid-May.

“The current Board of Commissioners have placed an emphasis on buying items from Alleghany County vendors whenever possible.  County staff has really taken this initiative to heart and run with it,” stated Michael James, County Manager.  “We always have to balance being good stewards of taxpayer money.  That means sometimes we do have to go outside the county to obtain goods and services.  But our county employees do their best to acquire things locally.  Since we do not have any ‘big box’ retailers here in Alleghany County this money is being spent at family-owned businesses.  These vendors live here and in turn re-spend that money locally.”

The County has purchased everything from youth sports uniforms to heating oil to auto parts and repairs to the meals served to inmates at the county jail from locally-based, family-owned businesses.

“We are proud to support our local vendors.  Alleghany County is home to many top-notch small businesses,” added Mark Evans, Board Chairman.

The buying locally results by vendor are updated approximately every two weeks on the county website at the following link:

For More Information Contact:

Michael James

Alleghany County Manager

(336) 372-4179